Chris, a valued customer of many years came to us with a problem. A profitable side business of his was consuming too much of his time and due to lack of time, he wasn’t converting all of his leads into paying customers. He wanted this to change and wanted us to help streamline and automate the whole process just like how we have done it for his other business.

After providing us with a brief, we jumped on a call with him to map out what he believes the flow of the system should be, as well as provided him with some crucial feedback in order to improve the system and flow.

After we had the work flow done, we designed a few wireframes that we could provide for the designer as a starting point

Once the client had approved the design, we rolled up our sleeves and started developing other designs:

Due to the fact that over half of users use websites on mobile these days, we always make sure that clients understand the importance on allocating some of the budget to making sites look and function well on mobile devices.

Overall, whole project was completed in 3 weeks, with a fully functional front end(sales page integration, login, password recovery), fully functional front office as well as back end for admins. Integrating SMS API as well as API for document signing.

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